Importance and Greatness Of Sora e Fatiha

Importance and Greatness Of Sora e Fatiha

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Importance and Greatness Of Sora e Fatiha

Sura e Fatiha is the most important Surat in the Quran. The verbal meaning of its name is ‘opener’ as the Quran starts from it. It has a lot of names as ‘mother of Quran’, ‘greatness of Quran’ and ‘the prayer’ as well. At one place by the reference of Hadith , Allah says: ‘I have divided this prayer among me and my believers’ mean the first half of Sura_e_Fatiha is based on the praises of Allah and the second half of it comprises the prayer to Allah. In this context is the best prayer as it consists of Almighty's prais and our begging to Allah. In one of the Hadith, it is found that:" Allah will never reject the prayers asked to Him in Sura_e_Fatiha and last ayat of Sura_e_Baqra :

"Each word of this chapter comprises ver deep meanings. Thake for example the very first part of this Sura which is:"All the praises are for Allah."

In a single line we dedicate all the praises for Allah. Even all the minor piece of praises found in the world are dedicated to Allah only in a single line. We appreciate our fellows by admiring their beauty, intelligence, grace, personality, wisdom, honesty and so many other things but in a single word in the opening of this Surat we dedicate all the admirations to Allah without naming a single one.

Then in a single word we announce Him as a most kind to His creature by saying "Al Rehman" in this world and "Al_Rahim" in the life after this world. Then again in a very single word we admit that He is the only God and no one else deserve our worship by saying:

"We only worship you’. And then we say that no one else can help us but He Almighty by saying:"We only ask You for help"

Sura e fatiha is a best prayer granted to us by ALLAH. It is the most compact piece of worship and complete in itself."May Allah show us the right path, the path of those who are granted and not of those who are abused"


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