Self assesment and Islam

Self assesment and Islam


Self assesment and Islam

It’s not difficult to judge the impoverishes of Islam in today's world. Just look at your own watch, the mirror of your own life. What are our prayers, our recitation, what are we following instead of the teachings of Holy Prophet P.B.U.H. Give a look at your own luxurious houses. What teaches are given through media in our T.V lounges? What combined families are watching and listening through broadcast. Isn't this forbidden culture removing all the distinctions between right and wrong, allowed and forbidden and between laws and lawlessness? Are we not following, what we see and hear through this forbidden culture?

Have a look on the daily magazines and newspapers on our tables. Is not the whole printed media is showing us the wrong things? Where our new generation is leading? Judge the outfits of our young daughters? In what sort of tasks, our youth is busy? Compare the percentage of the people in our community and the people in our mosques. Count the persons who think that interest is forbidden. Look at the Muslim’s activities on the celebrations of kite flying and Christmas. What laws are adopted by our government and are they according to Islam

Give a look at all these things and decide by yourself, is not Islam has become to us a stranger religion. So the question is, in what sort of activities when have involved ourselves and are they really profitable to us. God has given us the opportunity to choose between right and wrong. May Allah show us the right path. Lets we all pray ‘Our LORD! Let not our hearts deviate from the truth, after you have guided us and grant us mercy from you. Truly, you are the best over ‘al imran, Ayah #8

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