Importance of isonomy

Importance of isonomy

Concept of Equality

Importance of isonomy

Equality and harmony go hand by hand. Psychologically speaking, both of these abstract nouns bear a strong co-relation. At least 90% I think. They are quite inseparable. But man very foolishly, tries to disunite them. He pretends to strive for harmony but consciously or unconsciously overlooks the first and foremost requirement. That is why this world has always been an abode of unrest, suffering, woes and misery. In other words man himself has invited all these problems that paralyze the meek happiness. Had the man accepted the absolute facts and made some struggle and commitment for the humanism, peace would have been restored and man could have tasted the real peace of mind, the real peace of mind that he used to enjoy in the gardens of bliss when paradise was his lodging.

Prophet of Islam set a remarkable precedent. He proved that equality can restore harmony. This world saw a much ignorant and wild natured raced turning into the most civilize one. It was the man who liberated the oppressor from the traps of superiority and nobility. He was the one who embraced the poor slaves and he un privileged and made them know that they had equal rights to live on this planet. The message of equality and brotherhood spread like such a benign light that no patch of the world remained un-sounded of their blessing. And the harmony was such a great sprat that foes turned into friends, blood thirsty nations changed into preachers of love.

As a result of this campaign a great nation rose that went on increasing incessantly. It was a nation in which slaves, the miserable and the females where provided with level playing field. But alas this did not last forever. This foolish man turned a deaf ear to divinely congenial message and ran after fanciful notions, the result was utter destruction. The Muslim nation that once had been second to none in equality and brotherhood was trapped into darkness. When equality was denied and the worldly materialistic ends replaced and sided away the divinely message the last of the greatest treasures of harmony and love. And they found nothing more than bare humility and disguise.

At the time being the world deadly needs some harmony otherwise it will explode. Such a desperate strives and yearning for materialism and superiority has started that it is more than enough to turn this earth into hell. Being honest, this world is not less than a hell at the moment. Many power thirsty people plunder the peace and shedding streams and streams of innocent blood. All these destructions are merely the result of materialism and power thirst of very few people.. In a word they are committed to paralyze harmony

If we want to restore peace, prosperity and human qualities in this world we will have to be honest, serious and determined. We will have to sacrifice our material grains and vested interests. We will have to accept that the life of a black is as precious as that of a white. When all the humanity will be given equal rights to flourish, this unrest and grievances would diminish. The deprived will curse us for our deeds which have made their life miserable and hard to be lead. And no one should expect peace after death when deluge of curses is following him.

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