Islam closely relates with science

Relation between Science and Islam

Islam closely relates with science

Islam And Science

Islam closely relates with science as a lot of quranic verses proves many of the new scientific discoveries. They are all confirmed by Allah about 1400 years ago. As Allah says in sura e Rahman, Ayat # 2o

‘He has let loosed the two seas (the salt water and the sweat) meeting together. Between them is a barrier which none of them can transgress.’

This separation of water is observed by geologists in one of the largest ocean in the world and it was proved by scientist that two types of water, which are different in PH, density and taste as well run side ay side with each other but does n0t mingle away....From a time mountains were merely a piece of good sight for poets, writers and a common man. But then geologist discovered that the mountains are not as useless as to appreciate only they balances the earth and reduces the intensity of earth quakes but it is not a new piece of knowledge for those who read Quran and observed each single word of it carefully.

As Allah says in Quran:

‘We put the mountains on earth like nails to seek balance.’
According to science there were four forces in the world who are at work all the time. For a long time this phenomenon was believed then a Pakistani national scientist, born in India. Dr Abdus Salam proved that there are no four powers. Infect one power was named twice and was considered to be a different power. He was awarded with Nobel prize for his work. In one of his interviews he said that he took this idea from Quran. As Quran says that

‘God Almighty has all the powers.’

He said that Quran says that there is only one power in the world whose name is Allah. So the phenomenon of four powers is undoubtedly wrong. Dr Abdu’s Salam also claimed that if he remained alive for some more time he will prove scientifically that there is only one power in the world but unfortunately he was died in 1996. And his research remained unfulfilled. Many of the scientists are researching on it but non of us has ever tried to think and work on it of which knowledge has been given to us before 14000 years ago. It is our bad luck that we don’t have time to read the holy verses carefully and think over them. We must read Quran carefully instead of reciting some verses simply. May Allah give us His light and command over his teachings. This is undoubtedly the only way of success in the both worlds.
(Special Thanks To S.Noor)

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